new-8_e0Volume 2, Issue (ii), April-June 2017

International Journal of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Transplant & Nutrition (IJGHTN) is  the Journal of SPGHTN, the International Society of Paediatric, Gastroenterology, Hepatobiliary, Transplant and Nutrition.

Issue Highlights

Diabetic Food Lifestyle and Its Impact on the Glycemic Profile

Zeghari Lotfi, Aboussaleh Youssef

Metabolic profile of obese subjects

Ghouini Ahmed1, Djoghlaf Djamel El Harb1, El Bahi Hanane1, Khelfat Khireddine2, Seed Karima2

Pentasaenema in acute pancreatitis patients – A case report

A Aomari, M Firwana, A Rahaoui, Kh Abdelwali, I Benelbarhdadi, FZ Ajana